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Best Atta Packing Bag Manufacturer in Jaipur at Kiran Plastics

Kiran Plastics is a renowned name in being one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of atta packing bags. Based in Kolkata, our company has been working in the plastic industry for quite a long time. And, experience gained along this journey, has helped us in being one of the prolific dealers of Atta packing bag manufacturer in Jaipur. Jaipur is our new venture, as we have recently opened a branch here, due to the demands we were getting from around the country.

Kiran Plastics has as huge as 5kg pouches which can be used for packing and storing the flour. The bags are made under high vigilance and with non-toxic materials, as they would contain edible stuffs inside it. The design of the bags has been made functional only under the strict guidance of the proficient team working under our banner. It is also kept in mind that since the plastic will be used for consumable products; the quality is insured to be of highest degree. And, the usage of food grade plastic enhances its utility. Crafted as per the requirements of the client and keeping in mind the advancement of the market, these pouches are being highly prioritised.

How Can The Usage Of Atta Packing Bags Give You A Healthier Life?

With newest technology these atta pouches have been improving lifestyles, since its inception. And, Kiran Plastics is one of the prime contributors in this scenario. Gone are those days when you would go to the market to buy loose flour and carry it in plastic bags. Being extremely unhygienic to everything and easily prone to contamination, flour should not be bought loose. Plus, if you take a minute and think about it, brands make sure their flour has all the key ingredients and qualities of being the most refined in the market, which easily can be hampered if it is sold in the open. Don’t you think their energy and money would go in vain, if the refined atta doesn’t reach you?

To answer this question, we have come up with sealed atta packing bags, which can carry up to 5 kgs at a stretch and still not fall apart. Hence, you can say, that these sealed packets can be responsible for improving your lifestyle. Perhaps, this is the reason that the service life of the products inside increases. Hence, the name Kiran Plastics have been a favourite of the flour milling companies, since the variety we give is beyond imagination.

Atta Packing Bag Manufacturer Jaipur

Why Should You Take Atta Packing Bags from Kiran Plastics?

Why Choose Kiran Plastics As Atta Packing Bag Manufacturer In Jaipur?

Kiran Plastics is an ISO certified company, which lets out products that are completely insured and checked under repeated quality tests. With more than 12 years of experience, we have earned a good name in the plastic manufacturing industry, and hope to grow our business in the future as well. Our atta packing bag will protect the flour from being contaminated, hence giving you a better and healthy life.

Call us at our number for any kind of orders and we ensure that we will deliver it within deadline.