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Best Atta Pouch Manufacturer in Kolkata at Kiran Plastics

Kiran Plastics is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of a variety of Atta packaging bags. Our collection comprises of 5 kg pouches ideal for packing flour and rice. The bags are designed ergonomically under the guidance of skilled professionals and are manufactured using food grade plastic. Cutting edge technology is and quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing process. They are also crafted as per market trends and the requirements of the brand.

At Kiran Plastics, we make sure that these bags are free from manufacturing defects and tears. We have earned a name in the industry because of the clarity of printing on these bags we provide. Each bag is sent for quality testing before dispatch. We also allow customisability of these bags. They can be facilitated with zips. They can also come in a variety of finishes like PET and PVC. So, if you are looking for an Atta pouch manufacturer in Kolkata that can offer all these advantages under one roof at competitive prices, don’t forget to call up Kiran Plastics.

Importance of Atta Pouches:

Every Indian home makes rotis. And, every Indian home needs flour - a lot of flour. Sadly, we still buy loose flour and get it packed in polythene bags. But, how long do you think it lasts? Is it hygienic? Did it get contaminated somehow? These are some of the questions you should think about. Thanks to Atta pouches, the flour can now be nicely sealed and preserved for a long time. The shelf life has increased by a great extent by dint of these bags. The rigid plastic does not let any contaminant reach the content.

The bags are easy to carry and allow precision pouring - some benefits which you will never find with loosely packaged flour. At Kiran Plastics, we cater to this very need of flour milling industries to market their product in a safe and profitable way. Our products protect the flour, help in managing space during shipping and warehousing, and allow customers to open, use the content, close and recycle the bags with convenience.

Atta Pouches

The Advantages of Atta Pouches from Kiran Plastics

Why Choose Us?

The company holds expertise in manufacturing the finest quality packaging item for flour milling industries. At Kiran Plastics, we take extra care in ensuring that the bags are free from tears and damages. Our aim is to provide you with Atta pouches that cannot be breached by natural elements, microbes, and insects. We believe, the flour in them should always be fresh, pure, safe for human consumption, and rich with nutritional benefits. Do you need sturdy products for packing flour? Choose the Atta pouches of Kiran Plastics.