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Quality & Services

Mass Production, High Quality, Quick Delivery

Kiran Plastics is counted as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality plastic bags and packaging solutions in Kolkata. We offer these products for the safe packaging of consumables as well as non-consumables. We strongly believe in the fact that quality never happens by accident; it is always an outcome of sincere and wise efforts.

This is why, we, at Kiran Plastics, make sure that our manufacturing staff uses state-of-the-art equipment, and raw materials of supreme quality, which have been obtained from trustworthy industry sources. We also offer customized solutions for the manufacture of these plastic packaging products and make sure every bag is resistant to shrinkage and moisture accumulation so that the freshness or newness of the content inside is maintained. Most importantly, we see to it that the customer’s requirements are understood to the fullest and met unfailingly.

Kiran Plastics is putting its best foot forward to come up with quality products that look great and satiate customers out-and-out. Our consistency is evidence enough of our skills, expertise, and, of course, the commitment to deliver nothing but the best. We understand that time is free, but priceless. This is why we say " We Help You To Grow.

Our packaging formats include:

A note on our products:

Every bag that we make is lightweight, durable, and capacious. They are resistant to mild wear and tear, and suitable for food as well as non-food commodities. Moreover, their water-proof nature keeps the content inside safe from damage. They are portable, sturdy, and have a longer shelf life. The scope of usability is wide and the bags are very economical. The prints on the plastic are clear and sublime. Also, the quality management system at Kiran Plastics makes sure that all the products conform to the original prototype decided.

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