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Top Spout Pouch Manufacturer in Kolkata at Kiran Plastics

Kiran Plastics presents a range of unconventional spout pouches that are the newest solutions for effective and consumer-friendly packaging. These products help your brand stand out from the crowd as they enable an impactful shelf presentation of your stuff. They are of high durability and take up less space on shelves. Kiran Plastics manufacture these products in various dimensions and offer services of customised, high definition, coloured prints on them.

Whether it’s an edible, a beauty commodity, liquid detergents, or a medicine, our spout pouches are designed such that they make an affordable alternative to glass bottles. Years of experience have taught us how to come up with optimum quality products using raw materials of good grade. The market demands are all known to us. Our competence and zeal of meeting customer satisfaction to the fullest has made us the most sought after spout pouch manufacturer in Kolkata. Are you interested in our products?

Why Makes Spout Pouches Awesome Packaging Solutions?

Here is a reliable packaging solution which has smartly substituted glass bottles for product storage and marketing. Yes, a spout pouch is a great option when it comes to the safe packaging of liquid consumables. It is not prone to breakage, unlike glass bottles. Such products are easy to pile up in warehouses and the content in them is convenient to transport from manufacturers to retailers to consumers.

They are mess-free and safeguard the content from spoilage. Most of all, they create brand awareness in an incredible way. At Kiran Plastics, we leverage the benefits of this packaging solution to bring to you the finest spout pouches ever.

Spout Pouch

Why Are Our Spout Pouches The Best In The Industry?

Why Buy This Product From Kiran Plastics?

We are the manufacturers and distributors of spout pouches that are of high grade and very affordable. Every product is manufactured under stringent measures of quality control and management undertaken by our experienced staff. We accept bulk orders; the designs can be tailored as per industry requirements. Kiran Plastics is also prompt in delivering consignments. Our incredible logistics teamed with our efficacious customer care services make us the most trustworthy firm offering amazing plastic packaging solutions. Wish to learn more about us and our products? Ring us up now.