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Trusted Standup Pouch Manufacturer in Kolkata at Kiran Plastics

Kiran Plastics are the manufacturers and suppliers of standup pouches that are produced using the finest grade plastic films. These products meet customer requirements efficiently and are popular in the market because of their wide, sturdy bottom gussets. We also facilitate airtight, re-sealable interlocks and zipper systems in these plastic bags so that the packaged content inside can be accessed and stored for a long time, without getting damp or spoilt.

The hermetic seal ensures that the food packed in these bags stays fresh and safe for consumption. If your food processing business is in need of a standup pouch manufacturer in Kolkata, don’t look any further than Kiran Plastics.

How Is A Standup Pouch Helpful?

The food industry is raving with the idea of using this particular packaging product. Ever wondered why? Well, the bag has been designed to stand on its own when it is filled with the content. These packaging products come covered in printed laminates that are heavy-duty. They act as a shield to protect the content they hold. Yet again, they are especially helpful for storing liquid content as they help in pouring it safely with only one hand.

A consumer can squeeze out the last drop until the packet collapses. Industries love them because the empty form is lightweight and can be stored flat in heaps. This lowers the costs of storage and transportation. In every way, this product makes an ideal and user-friendly packaging solution. This is why, at Kiran Plastics, we go an extra mile to bring to you the best stand up pouches for your industry.

Standup Pouch

What's Special About Our Stand Up Pouches?

Why Choose Us?

Apart from the incredibility of our packaging products, we also take pride in our team of skilled professionals who take all the pain to come up with quality stuff, always. Driven by hard work and sealed with teamwork, we at Kiran Plastics focus on the timely delivery of orders without cutting corners. We believe, the need to satiate customers comes before anything else. With this in mind, we unleash our flagship product – standup pouches – for those industries who are ever in search of flexible packaging solutions. Does your business require this product? Contact or give us a call now at + 91 33 25839671.